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Develop better habits.

Fitrus that has the B2C app, web dashboard, business software, and the device is smart healthcare solution platform.
It gives healthcare information related to Body fat, Skeletal muscle mass, Heart rate and more to customers.
It does not only offer powerful and useful devices but also provides a practical total solution to advance healthcare technology.
Fitrus aims at decreasing overeating and creating a wellness environment by our smart products and solutions.

Apps Download Device syncs with your smartphone.
Make sure your Bluetooth is on.
Fitrus App is compatible with Android version 5.0, iOS version 12.0, and above.
※ Some devices may not be supported.
Supported by BLE(Bluetooth low energy), meaning there is no need to input a PIN CODE on the smartphone for connecting the device with the application.
Space on Phone : Android 34MB · iOS 45MB and Above
Supported Languages : Korean, English, Japanese
If you download the app as an Apk file, you should update the app manually.
It is recommended to update the latest version of the Application to ensure the smooth usage

 About Updating for Android  About Updating for iOS