Owner Mind, Now Action, Eager Attitude.

  • Leadership
    • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Daeho Lee
      Daeho Lee
      There is no small thing in the world. There is only a small person.

    • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Soonaei Lee
      Soonaei Lee
      There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

    • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Chanhee Lee
      Chanhee Lee
      Executive Director
      The person responsible is the person who determined, not the person who executed it.

  • Advisory Panel
    • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Chihyeok Jeon
      Chihyeok Jeon
      R&D Collaborative Work for Big Data
      Department of Industrial Management Engineering
      Probability and Statistical Analysis(PASTA) Lab.

    • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Seongmin Park
      Seongmin Park
      R&D Collaborative Work for Device
      Department of Creative IT Engineering
      Innovative Medical Solution(IMS) Lab.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Genie Kim
    Genie Kim
    Development and Design
    The life is only once.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Beomjin Ko
    Beomjin Ko
    Planning and Marketing
    Guard your Heart.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Seungmin Yoo
    Seungmin Yoo
    Planning and Marketing
    Let's go together!

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Mingyeong Jo
    Mingyeong Jo
    Planning and Marketing
    Imagining Yourself Enjoying Your New Cheese Leads You To It.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Mina Lee
    Mina Lee
    Planning and Marketing
    To make each day count.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Jongho Ha
    Jongho Ha
    Development (Android)
    Optimal than best.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Dongseok Lee
    Dongseok Lee
    Development (iOS)
    Your efforts never betray you.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Junha Pack
    Junha Pack
    Development (Android)
    Pass me if you can.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Junho Kim
    Junho Kim
    Planning and Marketing
    Never stop challening yourself.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Deborah Sim
    Deborah Sim
    Development (iOS)
    To do your best is to go through the emotions of the results.

  • ONESOFTDIGM, Staff, Jihoon Kim
    Jihoon Kim
    Development (Web)
    Success comes from keeping the ears open and the mouth closed.