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The smartphone interlocking portable body composition measuring instrument.

  • ONE SMARTDIET is a portable device that measures body compositions through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) via four electrodes. Our device can be paired with the ONE SMARTDIET application which provides a variety of services including the use of arithmetic functions to calculate your body composition as well as diet and exercise recommendations.

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  • Body Fat % Body Fat %
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Mass Index Body Mass Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Activity Tracking Activity Tracking
  • Weight Weight
  • Body Water Body Water
  • And More And More

    • This device comes with a hassle-free guarantee. ONE SMARTDIET is free of space or time limitations. The device is portable and all yours!

    Easy to use

    • ONE SMARTDIET connects instantly to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The ONE SMARTDIET application will display your results and track your progress over time.

    BLE connection

    • ONE SMARTDIET has a light weight of only 20g as opposed to competing products that Weight about 45kg.


    • ONE SMARTDIET has an accuracy of 98.8% with respect to other professional medical devices.


    • Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine! Our device is compatible with Fitbit; you can keep track of your activity levels throughout the day.

    Activity Assistance

    • Our diet and exercise recommendations are catered to your specific body type, with 18 different categories for men and 36 for women.


Specifications - Device
    • Model name
    • Country of manufacture
    • Size
    • Weight
    • Battery life
    • Frequency range
    • SD-W10
    • Republic of Korea
    • D 7.5 × W 3.1 × H 1.7cm
    • 20g
    • 168hr (Rechargeable)
    • 50kHz
    • Galvanometry
    • Way of measuring
    • Measuring part
    • Power
    • Module
    • Measurement Time
    • About 150㎂ or less
    • Four electrode method
    • Upper body
    • DC 5V
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • 5sec
    • Range of Measurable
    • Range of height
    • Range of weight
    • Range of age
    • Range of use
    • Accessory
    • 100~950Ω
    • 130~200cm
    • 30~149kg
    • 10~80
    • 10~50℃
      humidity 30~95%
    • USB cable, Pauch, Manual

Specifications - Application
    • Installation
    • Syncs with
    • Space on Phone
    • Connection
    • Google Play Store
      Apple App Store
    • Android Version 4.4
      iOS Version 9.0 and Above
      ※ Some devices may not be supported.
    • Above 65MB
    • BLE
      (Bluetooth low energy)
      Bluetooth 4.0
    • Application
    • List of measurement
    • Languages
    • Household, Personal, Portable
    • Body fat percentage, Body fat mass, Muscle mass, BMI, Masal metabolic rate and more.
    • Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Arabic, French, Portuguese, Persian, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Danish, Greek


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