We create happy values through the IT.

Thank you for visiting our OneSoftDigm company.
OneSoftDigm is the SW-developing company whose goal is “Creative OneSoftDigm” that contributes happiness of the whole world.

We have people who have full of responsibility and enjoy the risk, the infra which is an excellent technique-supporting,
and the group management that is free and efficient.
Through these values, we want to be the leading enterprise by developing local SW and creating new values for the customers.

People who are courageous and challenging can change the world and create novel things.
We are eager to support best devices and services for the customers.

Thank you.

Open mind & Merging
Create the synergy through the integration between software and hardware by building the fluent communication system
which excludes stereotype or prejudice about the situation.
Focus & Selection
We invest on the research development for the product and the commercialization of service for the future.
By this investment, we promote the best technique and the service field.
Key talent & Nurturing
Based on the active investment for the core-talented person, we make an effort to develop the human resource and
build up the organization capacity by sharing the vision between the company and the employee.